Frederic Chiu

CLASSICAL SMACKDOWN...Sergei Prokofiev vs. Claude Debussy.
An audience participation program that asks the concert goers to pick a favorite work from four separate rounds of various pieces from Prokofiev and Debussy to determine an ultimate audience favorite.

Sample Program

Round 1
Debussy - Suite Bergamasque - 4 Movements
Prokofiev - Romeo & Juliet - 3 Pieces

Round 2
Prokofiev - Sonata No 3 in A minor
Debussy - L'isle joyeuse


Round 3
Prokofiev - Sarcasm – Two Fugitive Visions – Diabolic Suggestions
Debussy - Cloches a travers les feuilles from Images, Jardins sous la pluie from Estampes

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