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Welcome to Morgan County Concert Association!

We invite you to experience the joy of live, high quality, family-friendly performances right here in Morgan County, Colorado.

For over sixty years, MCCA has engaged a wide variety of artists across many genres and from around the world. These performers bring music from classical to country, nostalgia to international. There are even acrobats, dancers, and magic shows - literally something for everyone.

Here’s how it works: Members purchase a season membership which allows them to attend all of the local programs. In addition, our sister organizations in Sterling, Holyoke, Loveland, Kimball (NE), and Cheyenne (WY) honor our tickets at their concerts. It is possible to attend as many as two dozen concerts using your MCCA membership - a great value indeed! And your tickets are transferable - if you can’t attend a concert, share your ticket with a friend.

Thanks to the generosity of local individuals and businesses that support our Patron Program, prices remain very affordable. Check out the current and upcoming seasons’ offerings and sign up for a great value - you’ll be glad you did!

To view prices and purchase a membership, click here.

For more information, browse our website or contact us at



Fort Morgan High School
709 E. Riverview Ave.
Ft. Morgan, CO 80701
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United Presbyterian Church
1300 E. Riverview
Ft. Morgan, CO 80701
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