Morgan County Concert Association
P.O. Box 342
Fort Morgan, CO 80701

For information call:
Jodie Schoemaker: 970-768-7244
Emma Jorgensen: 970-867-5996

Fort Morgan High School
709 E. Riverview Ave.
Ft. Morgan, CO 80701
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Board of Directors

Jerry Wathen, President
Alan & Gail Harmon, Vice-Presidents & Publicity
Cathie Bullock, Secretary & Patron Program
Dona Davis, Treasurer
Barb Chilcote, Publicity
Emma Jorgensen, Membership & Publicity
Jodie Schoemaker, Membership 
Howard Bostrom, Artist Coordinator
Marcia Washburn, Outreach Coordinator
Jeff Everett 
Beverly Eyestone 
Bonnie Galard-Demeski
Barb Holloway 
Mildred Irey
Mike Marek 
Nora Nickell  
Larry Overton  
Charlie Palu