An Outstanding Concert Value - Right Here at Home!

The Fremont Midland Entertainment Series (FMES) is a non-profit organization that serves Fremont and the surrounding areas by providing top quality live entertainment of various genres.  A typical season may include offerings in the area of comedy, classical music, jazz, theater, vocal music and dance.

FMES offers each season as a package. Season memberships are $70.00 for adults and free to children through high school and current students and staff at Midland University with ID. That price includes the ENTIRE SEASON--not just one show.

The value you receive for a season membership is outstanding. Attending 1 comparable concert in Omaha or Lincoln would cost as much or more than the ENTIRE SEASON MEMBERSHIP for FMES!

FMES provides additional benefits by offering free parking and eliminating the need to drive 35-50 miles for quality entertainment. Your membership is also transferrable. This means if you cannot attend an event, you can give your tickets to family or friends and let them attend!

As an added bonus, we have a "reciprocity" arrangement with Columbus Friends of Music and Norfolk Community Concert Association. If you are a member of FMES, you can attend any of the concerts sponsored by these organizations in Columbus or Norfolk for a nominal fee! Each of these organizations have a similar number of concerts throughout the year and their concerts, dates and times will be listed on the insert in the programs, at the shows and on our web site.

FMES has served the Fremont area for over 50 years by providing quality family-friendly entertainment at a fantastic price. Give FMES a try and join today!

PO Box 814
Fremont, NE 68026

(402)941-6061-Message Line

Lon Bohling-President
Amy Spies-Vice President
Mary Suhr-Secretary
Jill Norenberg-Treasurer
Ron Anderson
Janet Brabec
Patrick Fortney
Keaton Kreikemeier
Maribeth Losee
Dr. Thomas McKnight
Rick Watson
Gloria Weir
Carolyn Welander
Brent Zuch

Concert Venues

Fremont High School Auditorium
1750 N. Lincoln Ave (16th & Lincoln parking)
Fremont, NE 68025
Map this Location

Fremont Alliance Church
1615 N. Lincoln Ave.
Fremont, NE 68025
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Midland University
Kimmel Theatre
700 E. 8th Street (8th & Irving)
Fremont, NE 68025
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